The naturalist and phytochemist in me
The love for the art and science of distillation
The beauty and the elegance of a hand-crafted copper still
Love for travel and the history and culture of places …
The emerging mindful drinking movement!

Old Coach House Distillery Ltd was founded in 2019 springing from my desire to create wholly natural alcohol-free 100% distilled botanical drinks as non-alcoholic gin alternatives to support the growing trend in mindful living.

As a phytochemist with 20-plus years’ experience of distilling medicinal plants for their therapeutic benefits I was introduced to a fascinating world of plant essences, their complex chemistry and how they may be extracted and analysed for their unique biological properties.

These essences have many health benefits ranging from antiseptic action to aiding digestion. They have been used for thousands of years in aromatherapy, food preservation and medicine. However, they also have another unique property and that is they provide great flavour.

Our first product range STILLERS® is a marriage of these properties. In creating STILLERS® we have handcrafted 100% pure botanical distillates from selected organic herbs and spices blended with the finest Welsh spring water to create premium non-alcoholic spirits.

Inspired by gin both our products Celtic Myst and Silk Roots encapsulate a travel diary drawing inspiration from different cultures all over the world.

Celtic Myst, a refreshing juniper-led non-alcoholic gin with citrus notes harks back to my Irish ancestry whereas the warm and aromatic spicy cardamom and cinnamon notes in Silk Roots are inspired by the Silk Road trading route from India into the West.

In creating this non-alcohol gin a unique process is used to capture the true essence of the botanicals.

To achieve the right flavour intensity, we push the boundaries with our technology without compromising on taste whilst not adding in flavours, natural or otherwise to compensate for this.

The creation is a 100% distilled alcohol-free botanical drink that is big on crisp and clean bold flavours that hold their own when paired with your favourite mixer.

Celtic Myst and Silk Roots are sophisticated drinks in their own right that can be enjoyed as a great alternative to not drinking alcohol. The handcrafted process and the premium flavour profiles provide the perfect setting to feel part of any occasion when mindful drinking can be complemented with some great serves.

Stillers Silk Roots

Stillers Silk Roots is a warm, spicy blend that features notes of clove, cardamom, and cinnamon. It’s perfect for creating rich, aromatic cocktails that warm the soul and delight the palate.

Stillers Celtic Myst

Stillers Celtic Myst offers a refreshing, herbal profile with hints of rosemary, juniper and citrus. This versatile botanical drink brings a touch of magic to any cocktail, making every sip a memorable experience.