Gin-Esque® to STILLERS®

GinEsque® to STILLERS®

Old Coach House Distillery Ltd, the world’s first alcohol free distillery launched the GinEsque® brand in 2019 springing from the founders’ desire to produce a wholly alcohol free distilled botanical drink free from added flavours, colours, sweeteners and sugar that supports the growing trend in mindful living.

Gin-Esque® was rebranded to STILLERS® with a relaunch on 1st March 2021. This was due to Trading Standards UK taking issue with the word “Gin” and we also took the opportunity to revamp the brand to give it greater transferability. The Gin-Esque® name is very gin orientated and we have a number of different products in development such as mindful plant drops and bitters that are more pertinent to the STILLERS® brand.

The new brand STILLERS® is a take on the process of distillation and to being in a stillness state of mind empowering you to think about ways to live mindfully. STILLERS® are 100% copper pot distilled botanical drinks designed to fill a gap in the market for purely distilled drinks without any added flavours, colours, sweeteners or sugar. Each product contains distillates from organic herbs & spices blended with the finest Welsh spring water.

The STILLERS® products are big on flavour which has been achieved without using alcohol at any stage of the process. Many of our competitors use alcohol for the initial extraction and then strip it out after or add in flavours using alcohol as a carrier. However, we believe in starting from the ground up and have developed a unique process that captures the same flavour intensity from the botanicals as alcohol does but our process is completely alcohol free. To achieve the strong flavour profiles without alcohol we need to push the boundaries with our technology without compromising on taste. We do not believe in adding in flavours, natural or otherwise to compensate for this. This means from the outset we only use the finest organic grade botanicals sourced sustainably.

STILLERS® draws inspiration from traditional processes, travel and culture and each product contains flavours distilled from botanicals sourced from different regions of the world. Celtic Myst is herbal based and is a celebration of the Celtic Nations and herbs traditionally used by these nations. It is juniper led complemented by citrus notes and a herbaceous undertone of rosemary. Celtic Myst is represented by the white horse, a symbol of strength and intelligence in Celtic Mythology that appears in several guises in many local Celtic legends.

Silk Roots is inspired by the Silk Road trading routes and contains flavours distilled from spices traditionally traded along the Silk Road from India into Europe. It is aromatic with spicy notes from cinnamon complemented by clove, cardamom and a hint of citrus notes. Silk Roots celebrates the Bactrian camel or two humped camel. The Bactrian camel was known as the ship of the desert and was traditionally the main mode of transporting spices along the Silk Roads across the vast desert expanse of Asia towards Europe. It was more resilient to the desert landscape that any horse was and because of its two humps possessed particular stamina to travel further.

STILLERS® is distilled at Old Coach House Distillery Ltd, the world’s first alcohol free distillery on a mission to help you drink mindfully. The uniqueness of the product is being completely alcohol free and handcrafted by traditional processes designed to extract the goodness of the botanicals without adding flavours, sweeteners or sugar and delivering a distinct distilled botanical flavour to the palate when served with your favourite mixer.

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